Bars, Clubs and Studios

Commercial Spaces

  • Whether you are installing a system for the first time or upgrading an existing soundproofing system.
  • Whether you are focusing on the ceiling, walls or floors of a bar or club.
  • Whether you need a small vocal booth, practice room or a state of the art studio space.

The guiding principle here is to treat each plane on its merits whilst observing the performance of the whole space. Isolating the internal area from the outer structural surfaces with as much mass and layering as you require to achieve the desired noise reduction levels. From a single plane to a room within a room.

Containing noise within a space is achievable if thought through, properly addressed and carefully executed.

A five step guide to planning a commercial space.

  1. understand the intensity of noise you will be generating. The more noise that you intend to generate and the loader it is the thicker and denser your construction will need to be.
  2. determine how many planes will need to be treated to achieve your objectives.
  3. consider how many people you want to fit into the space comfortably, working, performing and/or enjoying.
  4. think air conditioning and airflow, what temperatures will be generated by the people and equipment?
  5. plan how to access the space and whether natural light is an important factor. Weak areas leak noise.

​Finally, have a realistic budget and get a professional to install it so you get the most from your chosen materials.

Advanced Sound Proofing Ltd will always, through our free consultation process, aim to match your requirements and budget to the most cost effective materials currently available. We are constantly researching and trialling new innovations and products in association with our suppliers and Acoustic Manufacturing Specialists to find materials that will provide you, the customer, with the very best that the industry has to offer.

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