Soundproofing Doors

  • Soundproofing doors consists of increasing the mass of the existing door leaf and minimising gaps and therefore leakage.
  • This can be achieved through the addition of extra layers of insulation and dense board to one face and upgrading the hinges to accommodate the increased weight of the door leaf.
  • Or more usually by replacing the entire door leaf with a heavier, denser leaf and upgrading the hinges.
  • The next step is to ensure the door is well sealed with an architectural perimeter seal on the doorstop side jams and head.
  • A batwing seal in the corner of the doorstop side jams and head will provide an additional secondary seal.
  • Finally the threshold can be sealed with a drop down mechanism either surface mounted or rebated in to the toe of the door leaf.
  • If this does not reduce the noise levels to a satisfactory level and the walls are performing in line with expectation the next alternative is to consider a secondary door system with a small lobby. This is how noise is controlled in recording studios, night clubs and bars where doors are often opening and closing at regular intervals and uninterrupted noise control is desired or required.

Soundproofing Windows

  • ​Windows come in all shapes, sizes and finishes.
  • To provide a good acoustic performance a window opening should ideally be either double or triple glazed.
  • The window casement should have well maintained rubber perimeter seals and an effective compression closure.
  • A sash window should likewise have double or triple glazing and brush seals on sashes and staff beads.
  • Please Note that when upgrading sash windows with heavier double glazed units, heavier sash weights will be required.
  • Secondary double glazing will also provide an additional benefit as long as the panel can be closed on to a sealed frame.

Advanced Sound Proofing Ltd can assist you in finding a competent window specialist who can either upgrade your existing installation (some can upgrade systems on site), replace your existing windows and or glazing for superior performing windows or arrange to have appropriate secondary glazed units made and fitted.

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